Why Choose Premalux Aqueous Industrial Cleaners? Safer for Users. More Earth Friendly. Cost Effective.

Well-run factories and production facilities generate large amounts of grease and grime – requiring cleaning on a regular basis.  Usually that involves traditional petroleum-based solvents. While these tough industrial cleaners work well, they also generate significant environmental, health, and economic concerns.

However, the use of new aqueous (water-based) cleaners – like Premalux’s industrial strength cleaner Surge Industrial –   are gaining popularity. Surge is

  • safer for individuals using it,
  • is easier on the environment,
  • and more cost effective.

PH neutral Surge cleaners, when instructions are followed, cut through the toughest dirt grease and grime. They perform and act like solvents, but are:

  • easier on end users and the environment
  • biodegradable
  • non-hazardous
  • non-flammable
  • disposable
  • and VOC compliant

Surge cleaners use Dynamic cleaning Technology® (DCT) which creates a lower surface tension allowing the cleaner to get underneath the dirt, grease and grime, gently lifting it from the surface. Learn more about Surge’s safer cleaning capabilities here.

Surge industrial cleaners and degreasers and office-facility maintenance cleaners are available in concentrated bulk containers for large area use, or in wipes, sprays, foams and towels to spot clean around the factory, warehouse or workplace. Check out some of our surge products.  We  are happy to customize a brand or formula just for you.

Questions? E-mail info @premalux.com, or call 330-562-0032.

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