Quick Clean With Multi-Purpose Towels

Convenience with a kick!

Surge Industrial® Multi-Purpose Towels allow quick, easy cleaning of grease, grime and general dirt from hard surfaces. Use the pre-moistened towels to:

  • Wipe clean tools (chain saws, lawn mowers, drills, etc.) after a tough job
  • Quickly clean work tables, counters and chairs
  • Clean and maintain major appliances (air conditioners, furnaces, assembly machines, washing machines, dryers, etc.)
  • Spot clean floors, walls and railings

The wipes include a smooth side for gentle cleaning., and an abrasive side for more persistent grease and grime. Moistened with Premalux’s premier aqueous (water-based) industrial cleaner, Surge, so it is environmentally friendly. NSF certified, so it is safe to use the wipes in food preparation areas, although the wipes are not intended for direct food contact. Food and packaging materials should be removed prior to cleaning a food preparation surface then rinsed with potable water.

Use towels on all hard surfaces, including metals, plastics, paint, laminates and more. Try a sample on a small area first, just to be on the safe side.

The neutral pH formula is non-smearing, and dirt sticks to the towel as it is wiped away. No dye is used, and the ready-to-use product is unscented. Dries to a clear, non-slip surface.

Carry a container as you make your cleaning rounds for quick touch-ups or convenient cleaning for large items. Or, store a container near where it is needed.  There are 75 towels measuring 8 inches by 12 inches per stackable container.

Surge All-Purpose Towels are made in the USA by Premalux – a certified Women Owned Small Business (WOSB).   Participate in government contracting programs with Premalux products. Take advantage of government savings and meet government purchasing requirements. The “kick”  mentioned above is Surge Multi Purpose Towels  include a tough cleaner safe for the environment and safe for users as well.

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