Premalux Solutions on Display

Premalux, a manufacturer of high-quality aqueous (water-based) industrial cleaners, had its products on display during a recent informational meeting with Technical Consumer Products (TCP) – the LED light bulb provider. TCP CEO Ellis Yan explained the relationship makes perfect sense. People install TCP LED lighting, and the bright, even light reveals previously unnoticed dirt.  So, bring on Premalux cleaners!

TCP purchases its own private label cleaners, Total Cleaning Power, from Premalux, and sells them on Amazon here. Premalux offers private labeling for a number of its products. The products are “green,” meaning they are safer for the environment, for users and easy-to-use.

One of Premalux’s solutions which drew interest from the approximate 30 business  people in attendance is the soon-to-be released Surge Industrial aircraft and general cleaner. The newest product to be added to the Premalux Surge industrial Line of Cleaners is formulated specifically for the aircraft industry. Currently in testing, the non-corrosive cleaner can be used for exterior and general cleaning.  The neutral pH formula meets Boeing specifications Spec D6-17487 Revision T.

Interested in trying a sample of Surge Industrial Aircraft and General Cleaner and /or receiving updates on availability? Request a sample and sign up for availability notification at Please check out other Surge Industrial products for all your cleaning needs.

You may have seen Premalux, a woman-owned business, at a Women in Business Event this week in Cleveland.  The company is working hard to get the word out about its environmentally sound products.

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