Private Labeling. Let Your Product Shine Over All The Others.

Private label items are developed by companies which want to market them under their own name.

There are several reasons why adding your own name to a product is helpful:

  • Exclusivity  – Market and brand your-name-product well, and it will develop a loyal following, willing to try other items you have manufactured.
  • Loyalty – Selling your brand can develop a following, leading to good business purchases. Gain market share over the well-known brands,
  • Pricing – Eliminate the added cost of a national brand. Save the money selling directly to your customer.
  • Bottling size and design – Choose the bottle size and design which makes sense for your customers.
  • Production Control and Distribution – manufacturers work at your direction, allowing control over ingredients and quality.

Premalux’s sister company Accublends has experience mixing and bottling private label environmentally friendly cleaning solutions, for large and small orders. Accublends is happy  to work with you to develop your specific product, design packaging, bottle, store and ship. Or select from existing proven cleaning solutions ready to select your private label.

Make your private label business idea happen with very little investment. Contact Premalux or Accublends to learn how.

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