The Best Way to Clean “Bits and Bobs” of Manufacturing Processes

Many large and small parts are needed during a manufacturing process.  And the “bits and bobs,” whether metal or plastic, painted or not, become covered in grease and grime. What is the best way to clean the parts?

For many, the answer is simple. A solvent in a parts washer does the trick. But toxicity and flammability of the common petroleum-based solvents are a concern for many users. The new, aqueous (water-based) cleaners provide a good answer to those concerns.   Aqueous cleaners are:

  • Formulated for the long-term rigors of parts washers.
  • Biodegradeable and sewerable depending on what is being cleaned in the tank and city requirements.
  • Non-flammable
  • Easy-to-rinse
  • VOC (volatile organic compound) compliant
  • Safe on hard surfaces: Metals, plastics, paint, laminates and more. (test sample area first)

Although there are numerous aqueous solutions for parts washers available, please consider Surge Industrial® Parts Washer – a rising star in the market. Available in both ready-to-use and concentrate. It is specifically formulated for the “Parts Washer Environment” and the rigors of being used in a tank for an extended period of time. The Ready-To-Use Formula can be directly added to the parts washer, eliminating the need for dilution. Features include:

  • Consistency of chemistry: pH is consistent and controlled due to deionized water.
  • Convenience: No need to measure, compress process from 4 steps to 1. Saves Time.
  •  Cost effective: Reduces product waste, reduces disposal costs, lower price point than the concentrate.
  • The Concentrate when diluted with water will allow you to customize the formula specific to your cleaning needs and can also be used across multiple applications.

Intended for the following parts washers: Manual Parts Washers, Agitation Lift Parts Washers, Ultrasonic Units.

 Not intended for: Automated Cleaning Parts Washers, Brake Washers, and High Pressure Spray Washers.

Read about Surge products here, and if you want, give us a call ( 330.995.4000 ). We are glad to discuss surge products with you.  Available in five gallon containers, 55 gallon drums, and 275 gallon totes.


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