Ann Fisher-Yan: Premalux CEO Helping Industries Meet Cleaning Economic & Environmental Goals

Ann Fisher-Yan founded Premalux LLC in 2011 when the opportunity presented itself to create a women-owned business to bring about change in the industrial cleaning sector. The resulting tougher but ecofriendly cleaners are now available.

She brings to the table an economics degree from Kent State University as well as an international law degree from Cleveland State University.  While working for Technical Consumer Products, an international lighting company, she researched business development for potential business expansion.


She also manages a large equine boarding facility which currently houses 80 horses. The facility includes a breeding program, farm acreage for hay, oats, timber and straw. In addition to property management, her experience with industrial manufacturing and agriculture, make her the ideal person to run a company whose mission is to provide a high quality product that helps manufacturers attain economic and environmental initiatives that no other product has been able to do before.

Premalux’s main product – Surge Industrial aqueous cleaner  – allows people who buy the safest cleaners for their homes to purchase safe cleaners for work areas.

 “In today’s working environment, there is no reason we can’t supply safe chemicals to factories that perform the toughest tasks.  The workers within the factories have enough difficult and many time dangerous tasks to perform. Why should cleaning make it more difficult? Why add to the dangerous situation creating a working situation that may harm a worker immediately or in the long term from exposure to cleaning chemistry?” Ann says. “The time for efficient environmentally safe cleaning has come! And it is here with Surge Industrial.”

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