Ann Fisher-Yan: Premalux CEO Helping Industries Meet Cleaning Economic & Environmental Goals

Ann Fisher-Yan founded Premalux LLC in 2011 when the opportunity presented itself to create a women-owned business to bring about change in the industrial cleaning sector. The resulting tougher but ecofriendly cleaners are now available.

She brings to the table an economics degree from Kent State University as well as an international law degree from Cleveland State University.  While working for Technical Consumer Products, an international lighting company, she researched business development for potential business expansion.


She also manages a large equine boarding facility which currently houses 80 horses. The facility includes a breeding program, farm acreage for hay, oats, timber and straw. In addition to property management, her experience with industrial manufacturing and agriculture, make her the ideal person to run a company whose mission is to provide a high quality product that helps manufacturers attain economic and environmental initiatives that no other product has been able to do before.

Premalux’s main product – Surge Industrial aqueous cleaner  – allows people who buy the safest cleaners for their homes to purchase safe cleaners for work areas.

 “In today’s working environment, there is no reason we can’t supply safe chemicals to factories that perform the toughest tasks.  The workers within the factories have enough difficult and many time dangerous tasks to perform. Why should cleaning make it more difficult? Why add to the dangerous situation creating a working situation that may harm a worker immediately or in the long term from exposure to cleaning chemistry?” Ann says. “The time for efficient environmentally safe cleaning has come! And it is here with Surge Industrial.”

Benefits of High Performance Neutral pH Floor Cleaning Solutions

It was a dark and stormy night. I parked and entered a fast-food restaurant, thinking “I’m glad to be out of the slippy, sloppy,  rain.“  But no! The smooth floor, wet from tracked-in rain, was extremely slippery. I cautiously slid to my seat.

Oh how cleaning choices make life simple or not. The floor traction was non-existent because the floor was washed with regular detergent. A thin layer of soap remained after washing. Combined with the rain water tracked in, it made a usually stable floor noticeably hazardous.  pH neutral aqueous (water-based) floor cleaners clean without leaving the floor slippery when wet. Instead of leaving a film of soap, aqueous solutions lift and remove dirt, leaving the floor clean.

High performance neutral pH floor cleaning solutions, like Surge Industrial® Floor Scrubber Cleaner Concentrate are specifically designed for use in commercial floor scrubber equipment. Premalux’s Surge Industrial Dynamic Cleaning Technology (DCT) separates dirt and grime from the floor surface leaving no residuals behind, resulting in cleaner, safer floor surfaces.

Surge industrial floor cleaning solution is noted for being:

  • A Low Foaming Formula
  • Neutral pH
  • Disposable
  • Non-toxic
  • Non-Hazardous
  • Non -Corrosive
  • Non-Flammable
  • VOC Compliant
  • Biodegradable

Available from premalux in 5 gallon containers or 55 gallon drums.

The Best Way to Clean “Bits and Bobs” of Manufacturing Processes

Many large and small parts are needed during a manufacturing process.  And the “bits and bobs,” whether metal or plastic, painted or not, become covered in grease and grime. What is the best way to clean the parts?

For many, the answer is simple. A solvent in a parts washer does the trick. But toxicity and flammability of the common petroleum-based solvents are a concern for many users. The new, aqueous (water-based) cleaners provide a good answer to those concerns.   Aqueous cleaners are:

  • Formulated for the long-term rigors of parts washers.
  • Biodegradeable and sewerable depending on what is being cleaned in the tank and city requirements.
  • Non-flammable
  • Easy-to-rinse
  • VOC (volatile organic compound) compliant
  • Safe on hard surfaces: Metals, plastics, paint, laminates and more. (test sample area first)

Although there are numerous aqueous solutions for parts washers available, please consider Surge Industrial® Parts Washer – a rising star in the market. Available in both ready-to-use and concentrate. It is specifically formulated for the “Parts Washer Environment” and the rigors of being used in a tank for an extended period of time. The Ready-To-Use Formula can be directly added to the parts washer, eliminating the need for dilution. Features include:

  • Consistency of chemistry: pH is consistent and controlled due to deionized water.
  • Convenience: No need to measure, compress process from 4 steps to 1. Saves Time.
  •  Cost effective: Reduces product waste, reduces disposal costs, lower price point than the concentrate.
  • The Concentrate when diluted with water will allow you to customize the formula specific to your cleaning needs and can also be used across multiple applications.

Intended for the following parts washers: Manual Parts Washers, Agitation Lift Parts Washers, Ultrasonic Units.

 Not intended for: Automated Cleaning Parts Washers, Brake Washers, and High Pressure Spray Washers.

Read about Surge products here, and if you want, give us a call ( 330.995.4000 ). We are glad to discuss surge products with you.  Available in five gallon containers, 55 gallon drums, and 275 gallon totes.


Premalux Solutions on Display

Premalux, a manufacturer of high-quality aqueous (water-based) industrial cleaners, had its products on display during a recent informational meeting with Technical Consumer Products (TCP) – the LED light bulb provider. TCP CEO Ellis Yan explained the relationship makes perfect sense. People install TCP LED lighting, and the bright, even light reveals previously unnoticed dirt.  So, bring on Premalux cleaners!

TCP purchases its own private label cleaners, Total Cleaning Power, from Premalux, and sells them on Amazon here. Premalux offers private labeling for a number of its products. The products are “green,” meaning they are safer for the environment, for users and easy-to-use.

One of Premalux’s solutions which drew interest from the approximate 30 business  people in attendance is the soon-to-be released Surge Industrial aircraft and general cleaner. The newest product to be added to the Premalux Surge industrial Line of Cleaners is formulated specifically for the aircraft industry. Currently in testing, the non-corrosive cleaner can be used for exterior and general cleaning.  The neutral pH formula meets Boeing specifications Spec D6-17487 Revision T.

Interested in trying a sample of Surge Industrial Aircraft and General Cleaner and /or receiving updates on availability? Request a sample and sign up for availability notification at Please check out other Surge Industrial products for all your cleaning needs.

You may have seen Premalux, a woman-owned business, at a Women in Business Event this week in Cleveland.  The company is working hard to get the word out about its environmentally sound products.

Private Labeling. Let Your Product Shine Over All The Others.

Private label items are developed by companies which want to market them under their own name.

There are several reasons why adding your own name to a product is helpful:

  • Exclusivity  – Market and brand your-name-product well, and it will develop a loyal following, willing to try other items you have manufactured.
  • Loyalty – Selling your brand can develop a following, leading to good business purchases. Gain market share over the well-known brands,
  • Pricing – Eliminate the added cost of a national brand. Save the money selling directly to your customer.
  • Bottling size and design – Choose the bottle size and design which makes sense for your customers.
  • Production Control and Distribution – manufacturers work at your direction, allowing control over ingredients and quality.

Premalux’s sister company Accublends has experience mixing and bottling private label environmentally friendly cleaning solutions, for large and small orders. Accublends is happy  to work with you to develop your specific product, design packaging, bottle, store and ship. Or select from existing proven cleaning solutions ready to select your private label.

Make your private label business idea happen with very little investment. Contact Premalux or Accublends to learn how.

Quick Clean With Multi-Purpose Towels

Convenience with a kick!

Surge Industrial® Multi-Purpose Towels allow quick, easy cleaning of grease, grime and general dirt from hard surfaces. Use the pre-moistened towels to:

  • Wipe clean tools (chain saws, lawn mowers, drills, etc.) after a tough job
  • Quickly clean work tables, counters and chairs
  • Clean and maintain major appliances (air conditioners, furnaces, assembly machines, washing machines, dryers, etc.)
  • Spot clean floors, walls and railings

The wipes include a smooth side for gentle cleaning., and an abrasive side for more persistent grease and grime. Moistened with Premalux’s premier aqueous (water-based) industrial cleaner, Surge, so it is environmentally friendly. NSF certified, so it is safe to use the wipes in food preparation areas, although the wipes are not intended for direct food contact. Food and packaging materials should be removed prior to cleaning a food preparation surface then rinsed with potable water.

Use towels on all hard surfaces, including metals, plastics, paint, laminates and more. Try a sample on a small area first, just to be on the safe side.

The neutral pH formula is non-smearing, and dirt sticks to the towel as it is wiped away. No dye is used, and the ready-to-use product is unscented. Dries to a clear, non-slip surface.

Carry a container as you make your cleaning rounds for quick touch-ups or convenient cleaning for large items. Or, store a container near where it is needed.  There are 75 towels measuring 8 inches by 12 inches per stackable container.

Surge All-Purpose Towels are made in the USA by Premalux – a certified Women Owned Small Business (WOSB).   Participate in government contracting programs with Premalux products. Take advantage of government savings and meet government purchasing requirements. The “kick”  mentioned above is Surge Multi Purpose Towels  include a tough cleaner safe for the environment and safe for users as well.

Advantages of Toll Blending

Toll blending, also known as contract manufacturing or contract blending, is where the complex mixing of chemicals into specific solutions is entrusted to an outside manufacturer.  Here at Premalux LLC, we combine the services and skills of our subsidiary  Accublends LLC., known for its high-performance aqueous (water-based) mixing.

We confidentially mix your formula and package it for your market. Our experienced staff can help you plan production and product release. Take advantage of our state-of-the-art blending and bottling facility for large or small orders.

Advantages include:

  • No capital investment. A toll blender like Accublends LLC has already invested in specialized equipment and space, so you don’t have to.
  • Raw materials are already purchased and stored for convenience.
  • Toll blenders like Accublends quickly  provide custom blending and custom packaging.
  • Save money.  Mixing cost remains the same whether the order is for a little or lot.
  • Toll manufacturers like Acublends often have storage space for your solution for convenience cost savings.

Why Choose Premalux Aqueous Industrial Cleaners? Safer for Users. More Earth Friendly. Cost Effective.

Well-run factories and production facilities generate large amounts of grease and grime – requiring cleaning on a regular basis.  Usually that involves traditional petroleum-based solvents. While these tough industrial cleaners work well, they also generate significant environmental, health, and economic concerns.

However, the use of new aqueous (water-based) cleaners – like Premalux’s industrial strength cleaner Surge Industrial –   are gaining popularity. Surge is

  • safer for individuals using it,
  • is easier on the environment,
  • and more cost effective.

PH neutral Surge cleaners, when instructions are followed, cut through the toughest dirt grease and grime. They perform and act like solvents, but are:

  • easier on end users and the environment
  • biodegradable
  • non-hazardous
  • non-flammable
  • disposable
  • and VOC compliant

Surge cleaners use Dynamic cleaning Technology® (DCT) which creates a lower surface tension allowing the cleaner to get underneath the dirt, grease and grime, gently lifting it from the surface. Learn more about Surge’s safer cleaning capabilities here.

Surge industrial cleaners and degreasers and office-facility maintenance cleaners are available in concentrated bulk containers for large area use, or in wipes, sprays, foams and towels to spot clean around the factory, warehouse or workplace. Check out some of our surge products.  We  are happy to customize a brand or formula just for you.

Questions? E-mail info, or call 330-562-0032.

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Who is Premalux?

We make a lot of bubbles!

Premalux, LLC, a Woman-Owned Small Business located in Aurora, OH, creates, manufactures and supplies high-performance aqueous (water-based) cleaning solutions. Our services include private labeling and custom manufacturing to growing companies in Automotive, Industrial Manufacturing, Janitorial and Environmental/Energy markets. Premalux, LLC specializes in environmental friendly products.

Our subsidiary, Accublends LLC, is a full-service toll blender and contract manufacturing operation.

Read the blog. We’re sure you will find out something new about environmentally safe industrial cleaning. Let us know if you have any questions, or if we can research a certain topic. Leave a comment below.