Ann Fisher-Yan: Premalux CEO Helping Industries Meet Cleaning Economic & Environmental Goals

Ann Fisher-Yan founded Premalux LLC in 2011 when the opportunity presented itself to create a women-owned business to bring about change in the industrial cleaning sector. The resulting tougher but ecofriendly cleaners are now available. She brings to the table an economics degree from Kent State University as well as an international law degree from […]

Benefits of High Performance Neutral pH Floor Cleaning Solutions

It was a dark and stormy night. I parked and entered a fast-food restaurant, thinking “I’m glad to be out of the slippy, sloppy,  rain.“  But no! The smooth floor, wet from tracked-in rain, was extremely slippery. I cautiously slid to my seat. Oh how cleaning choices make life simple or not. The floor traction […]

The Best Way to Clean “Bits and Bobs” of Manufacturing Processes

Many large and small parts are needed during a manufacturing process.  And the “bits and bobs,” whether metal or plastic, painted or not, become covered in grease and grime. What is the best way to clean the parts? For many, the answer is simple. A solvent in a parts washer does the trick. But toxicity […]

Premalux Solutions on Display

Premalux, a manufacturer of high-quality aqueous (water-based) industrial cleaners, had its products on display during a recent informational meeting with Technical Consumer Products (TCP) – the LED light bulb provider. TCP CEO Ellis Yan explained the relationship makes perfect sense. People install TCP LED lighting, and the bright, even light reveals previously unnoticed dirt.  So, […]

Private Labeling. Let Your Product Shine Over All The Others.

Private label items are developed by companies which want to market them under their own name. There are several reasons why adding your own name to a product is helpful: Exclusivity  – Market and brand your-name-product well, and it will develop a loyal following, willing to try other items you have manufactured. Loyalty – Selling your brand […]

Quick Clean With Multi-Purpose Towels

Convenience with a kick! Surge Industrial® Multi-Purpose Towels allow quick, easy cleaning of grease, grime and general dirt from hard surfaces. Use the pre-moistened towels to: Wipe clean tools (chain saws, lawn mowers, drills, etc.) after a tough job Quickly clean work tables, counters and chairs Clean and maintain major appliances (air conditioners, furnaces, assembly machines, […]

Advantages of Toll Blending

Toll blending, also known as contract manufacturing or contract blending, is where the complex mixing of chemicals into specific solutions is entrusted to an outside manufacturer.  Here at Premalux LLC, we combine the services and skills of our subsidiary  Accublends LLC., known for its high-performance aqueous (water-based) mixing. We confidentially mix your formula and package […]

Why Choose Premalux Aqueous Industrial Cleaners? Safer for Users. More Earth Friendly. Cost Effective.

Well-run factories and production facilities generate large amounts of grease and grime – requiring cleaning on a regular basis.  Usually that involves traditional petroleum-based solvents. While these tough industrial cleaners work well, they also generate significant environmental, health, and economic concerns. However, the use of new aqueous (water-based) cleaners – like Premalux’s industrial strength cleaner […]

Who is Premalux?

We make a lot of bubbles! Premalux, LLC, a Woman-Owned Small Business located in Aurora, OH, creates, manufactures and supplies high-performance aqueous (water-based) cleaning solutions. Our services include private labeling and custom manufacturing to growing companies in Automotive, Industrial Manufacturing, Janitorial and Environmental/Energy markets. Premalux, LLC specializes in environmental friendly products. Our subsidiary, Accublends LLC, is […]